Napoleonic Land Artwork

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The Battle of Austerlitz by François Pascal Simon, Baron Gérard NLAW003 Capitulation de Madrid, 4 December 1808 by Antoine-Jean Gros NLAW004
Scotland Forever by Elizabeth Thompson NLAW019 Charge of the French Cuirassiers at Friedland 14 June 1807
by Ernest Meissonier
Cossacks in Bautzen 1813 by Bogdan Willewalde NLAW028 Two soldiers on horseback. Painting by Horace Vernet depicting an office of the French 5th Hussars and a British Life Guard.
by Horace Vernet


Storming of the village of Commune in the Battle of Waterloo
by Ludwig Elsholtz
Bataille de Wagram. 6 July 1809 by Horace Emil Jean Vernet NLAW024

French retreat in 1812 by Illarion Pryanishnikov NLAW001 Today you - tomorrow me - 1813 - Russian cuirassier during the Foreign Campaigns, August 1813
by Bogdan Willewalde

Napoleon ordering the II Corps into action by Pierre Gautherot NLAW005 Battle de Hoff by Jean-Charles Langlois NLAW006

Archduke Charles during the Battle of Aspern-Essling
by Johann Peter Krafft
Battle of Leipzig, from 2 to 7 October 1813
by Alexander Sauerweid

The French Pass the River Po at Piacenza
by Giuseppe Pietro Bagetti
Episode from Foreign Campaigns of Russian Army of 1813-1814. The Guards cavalry officers in on European city.
by Bogdan Willewalde

Russian soldiers endows gypsy singers in Paris, 1814
by Bogdan Willewalde
Napoleon in Berlin by Charles Meynier NLAW014

General von Bellegarde and his officers observing a battle
by Albrecht Adam
Napoleon takes the surrender of General Mack and the Austrians at Ulm on October 20, 1805
by Rene Theodore Berthon

Assault on San Engracia monastery
by Louis-Francois, Baron Lejeune
The Charge of the Life Guards Cossacks on October 20, 1805
by Carl Rechlin

Siege of Burgos 1812 by Francois Joseph Heim NLAW020 Napoleon Bonaparte on the Battlefield of Eylau, 1807
by Antoine-Jean Gros

Cossacks attacked by the Guard of Honor during Napoleon's Russain Campaign
by Edouard Detaille
The 28th Regiment at Quatre Bras - 1815
by Elizabeth Thompson

Spain 1812, French Occupation by Eduardo Zamacois y Zabala NLAW026 Napoleon and his staff are returning from Soissons after the battle of Laon
by Ernest Meissonier

Battle of Somosierra by January Suchodolski NLAW029 Napoleon takes the surrender of General Mack and the Austrians at Ulm on October 20, 1805
by Rene Theodore Berthon

Napoleon at the Battle of Friedland by Horace Vernet NLAW031 Portrait of Nikolay Kamensky (1776-1811), Russian general
by Friedrich Georg Weitsch