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Since 1997 our four original models have served us well but the time has come to retire those castings and bring out the new master crafted ships.  Please find details of these new castings on the Ships for Sale page. 


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Bloody Broadsides, rules for Napoleonic Naval miniatures are now available.  This fast paced rule set is perfect for 2 to 20 players or more.  We are using the Wargame Vault to preview and sell these rules.  Please follow this link to my page on their site. 
Bloody Broadsides on Wargame Vault
***Free PDF of my Bloody Broadsides Ship Sheets ***

Also, two corrections on page 5 of the rules:
1. Rigging Damage - new ship sheets are correct.  Lose one SPC (Shooting Power Circle) when you lose rigging sections 1, 2, and 3.
2. Hull and Crew Damage - Lose two SPC's when you lose crew sections 1, 2, and 3.

A Review of Bloody Broadsides

Hello Jeff,

I wanted you to know that I sincerely enjoyed playing Bloody Broadsides and I believe it is an excellent simulation. The beauty of the game lies in the simplicity with which you have written the rules for movement and fire. You have also removed time consuming die rolls which add a measure of "luck" in other games and given ship commanders the ability to use skill to allocate damage across their own vessel while not sacrificing speed of play and enjoyability.  All in all, an excellent rendition of a truly magnificent game. Well done Sir, well done!!!!

Chris Whatley



Ships:At this web site you can learn about ships which sailed the high seas, famous admirals and battles, view detail pictures of ship kits and hand painted ship models which you can purchase. 

Artwork: Brillant artwork by the masters, depicting famous Naval warfare in the Napoleonic age.  Coming soon artwork of land battles.

Games: Now Available our first board game "Chung Ling Soo Murder Mystery" see our new Games for Sale page.

Rules for Napoleonic Naval Miniatures: Bloody Broadsides

Rules for Ancients: We also have written a fine set of ancient rules PMG Ancients. 

Forum: Please use our PMG Forum to read and write usful information about our products and the gaming industry.

Here are a few pictures of our new packing boxes to ship our painted models.  These gift boxes, which will be packaged in a standard shipping box, will provide the extra protection to keep your new ship in good condition.


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Wooden Bases 5-Pack Ship Kits: Triple Decker, Large Dbl Decker,
Sml Double Decker, and Single Decker
Flags & Pennants in 10 nationalities

    Painted  and rigged by Ray Rivers