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Chung Ling Soo Murder Mystery (now available)
Heart Attack (now available)
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Bloody Broadsides on the Wargame Vault site $20.00

PMG Ancients on the Wargame Vault site $10.00

Chung Ling Soo Murder Mystery $25.00

Famous London Magician was murder on stage last night during the show. As a London Detective you must find the killer and bring justice to this crime!

American born William Ellsworth Robinson was a stage magician in New York City in 1900, but was not well received.  Needing a change he and his wife took a ship to London to start again.  During the trip he also changed who they were.  When they stepped off of the ship they had become "Chung Ling Soo and Suee Seen Magicians from the Orient."  The were a huge success until on fateful night something went terribly wrong with the famous bullet catching trick.  The gun did not shoot a blank cartirdge trick.  The gun did not shoot a blank cartridge that night but a real bullet, Chung Ling Soo was dead.  Accident or Murder?

In “Chung Ling Soo Murder Mystery”, you play one of several police officers in London. Your Chief Inspector says to you the next day “It was murder! Now get out there and bring me some evidence!”

Winning the Game: Score the most Victory Points by moving about the board acquiring evidence or stealing it from other players.  When evidence from all nine evidence tiles has been turned into any of the Police Stations by any combination of players the game is over.  At this point tally up the Victory Points for each player to determine the winner.  Use player money as a tie breaker. 

Components: 12 map tiles (London 1918), 9 Bad Guy pawns, 6 Player pawns, Location Deck, Evidence Found Deck, £350 play money (£1s, £5s, and £10s), 2 six sided dice, rule booklet.


Final Playtesting down at MillenniumCon 2012


Heart Attack  (aka Escape from the Old Folks Home) $20.00

Premise: You are an “Old Folk” whose evil children have placed into a retirement home.  One night after an average day you drift off to sleep as usual.  In the morning you are awakened by the loudspeaker system, this is very much not usual.  It appears to be a recording.  A young insulting voice is outlining the victory, which his group achieved overnight.  You realize he is part of the youth movement, which has been threatening the establishment, as usual.  The voice declares that they have taken over the government and the first new law has been set into motion is nobody over the age of 30 is worthy of life.  However, the law had been quickly modified to allow for one “Old Folk”, as they are to be called, to be allowed to live per retirement home.  The first Old Folk to make his or her way out of the home will receive the pardon for life.  Be aware however, the entire home has been booby trapped and there will be no medical teams sent in to help the fallen.  The recording starts again.

Victory Conditions:
Players should agree to a victory point total before play begins, 20 points is a short game, 30 average and 40 long.  Points are scored

How to score points:
After playing some room cards you may play a Passkey.  This will do two things, 1) will allow you to move to another Quad if you wish to.  Once the points are calculated the scorekeeper should note the player's new score and announce to all players what the score is.  There are four scoring positions, position one, two, three, and four.  The first room you play is in “Position One”, the next card your play will be in “Position Two”, then next “Position Three” and finally the fourth in “Position Four”. 

Points awarded are:
Card in Position One          1 Point
Card in Position Two         2 Points
Card in
Position Three       3 Points
Card in Position Four         4 Points

If you continue to play cards within the Quad the fifth card in a Quad played is in scoring Position One, worth 1 Point.  Some room cards have bonus points listed with the name valued at +1 and +2.  These points are added to the Position Points when calculating the score.  You can also earn 5 bonus points by playing all four different rooms of a Quad in a row followed by a Passkey.  You do not collect the 5 bonus points if you play a fifth card within the same Quad.

Here is an example of the 5 bonus points being scored. 
Using only four room cards each of them the four different rooms from quadrant 4.

Action Cards: If you choose to play an action card first draw an action card giving you six.  From these six choose one to play on a player of your choice, which meets the criteria of the action card.  Some of the action cards you can play have the potential for a Save action card being played by the opponent you played your action card on.  If your opponent does play a save card he will not draw a replacement card until it is the beginning of his turn.



PUCK! $20.00 

Hockey at its best featuring everything about hockey which makes it such fun.  Hooking, Thugs, Fights, Injurys, and Hockey.  You'll play three periods and keep score of just like in the real game.  PUCK! is a card game, each time through the deck is one period.  Start with a hand on nine cards, each potential scoring shot uses three cards so choose which cards you play carefully as each card has a numeric value from 1 to 6, the player with the highest total of these three will take a shot.  If the difference in the two totals is great enough the shooting player may get a +1 or +2 on the shot.  After playing all nine of your cards you will have an automatic Line Change and refil your hand to nine cards again.  There are Line Change cards which will refresh you hand before your opponent, if your timing is good.  Fights may break out if two Thugs are on the ice at the same time.


Here are some of the cards within the PUCK! deck.

1) Players with nine cards. 
2) Each player has played three cards. 
3) The player on the left has a higher total (12 vs 8) and draws the top card from the deck showing the shot was on goal and needs a 5+ on the next card to score a goal. 
4) Next card drawn shows the shot value of only 4, however as one of the three original cards the player played was a +1 One Timer the shot does score.