Napoleonic Naval Artwork
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The Battle of Trafalgar by William Clarkson Stanfield NNAW001 Battle of the Nile, Aug 1st, 1798 by Thomas Whitcombe NNAW018  
The Battle of Trafalgar seen from the mizzen shrouds of HMS Victory by J. M. W. Turner NNAW011 Dismasted Bucentaure being shot by Temeraire by Auguste Mayor NNAW020  
The Battle of the Nile 1 Aug 1798 by Thomas Whitcombe NNAW015 The Battle of the Nile 1 Aug 1798 by Nicholas Pocock NNAW006  

Brig "Mercury" attacked by Two Turkish ships by Ivan Aivazovsky NNAW012
The Destruction of L'Orient at the Battle of the Nile by George Arnald NNAW014
Sinking Ship Firing Guns by Unknown NNAW004 The Battle of Trafalgar by J. M. W. Turner 1822 NNAW002
The Battle of Trafalgar 1805 by Louis-Philippe Crépin NNAW003 Battle of the Nile 1st Aug 1798 by Daniel Orme NNAW017

H.M.S. Victory after the Battle of Trafalgar by Thomas Butterworth NNAW010 Restoring HMS Victory by William Lionel Wyllie NNAW024

The Battle of Trafalgar, at 13:00h by Nicholas Pocock NNAW022 The Battle of Trafalgar, at 17:00h by Nicholas Pocock NNAW023

The Battle of the Nile: Destruction of L'Orient 1 August 1798
by Mather Brown
The Gale after Trafalgar by Thomas Butterworth NNAW008

The First Battle of Ushant by Theodore Gudin NNAW019 The Battle of the Nile 1 Aug 1798 by Thomas Luny NNAW016

Admiral Sir Robert Calder's Action Off Cape Finistere
23 July 1805 by William Anderson
A British frigate hove-to with her jollyboat out
by  Thomas Butterworth

Relief of Gibraltar, 11 October 1782 by Richard Paton NNAW026 The Battle of St. Cape Vincent by Robert Cleveley NNAW013

Fall of Nelson at Trafalgar by Denis Dighton NNAW021