Calendar of Events

Here you can find recommended conventions and upcoming events Portsmouth Miniatures will be attending.


  • Skirmish August 31, 2013
    Link to Skirmish (coming soon)
    After many years in Plano Skirmish has moved to a new location.  It will be held in the gaming area of the Area 51 game store in Grapevine.  I play at this store very often and you will be very surprised by the size of the store and the amount of open game space it has. 
  • BayouWars June 7-9, 2013
    Link to BayouWars
    The boys down in New Orleans are having BayouWars 21, that is a lot of years, they must be doing it right.  I've been attending this convention for several years now and it is a great convention.  We are planning on running three games of Close Action and hosting as many demos of both Heart Attack and Chung Ling Soo Murder Mystery as possible.
  • TwisterCon March 21-23, 2013
    Link to TwisterCon
    Oklahoma City once again is host to TwisterCon.  This is the 10th (non-consecutive) year for TwisterCon.  It is at a beautiful hotel and connected convention center. 
  • MillenniumCon November 9-11, 2012
    Link to MillenniumCon
    A Texas tradition held annually in Round Rock, TX just north of Austin held in November.  This is a great gaming convention which I highly recommend to all.  Visit their website to see lots of great photos.
  • Skirmish July 28, 2012
    Link to Skirmish
    A one day convention held in Plano, Texas.  The best one day convention I've every attended.  Visit their website to see lots of great photos.
  • BayouWars June 8-10, 2012
    Link to BayouWars
    This convention is located in the great city of New Orleans.  If you can tear yourself away from the convention you will have no trouble finding many great places to eat, it is New Orleans after all.
  • ReaperCon May 17-20, 2012
    Link to ReaperCon
    This convention will be held on the Reaper Miniatures headquarters in Denton, Texas.  These guys make the best figures around and are holding painting classess at the convention.  I'll be there running my game of Close Action as well as my PMG Ancients.

Upcoming Events

  • PMG Ancients Tournament - Date to be determined - Area 51 Grapevine, Tx
    Portsmouth Miniatures and Games will be hosting PMG Ancients at the best game store in the DFW area.   

    For the tournament I'm planning at Area 51 I'm looking to these restrictions.
    0-1 Artillery units (1-3 stands)
    0-2 Missile units (3-7 stands each unit)
    3-6 Inf / Cav units (3-7 stands each unit)
    500 points
    • Two rounds of play, each round will last 2 hours. 30 minutes between rounds.
    • Points scored for eliminating the first two stands of each enemy unit.
    • Points scored for eliminated each enemy unit.
    • 5 point for the first stand eliminated from each enemy unit.
    • 7 points for the second stand eliminated from each enemy unit.
    • Plus 2 points for each of the first two stands if the enemy unit is a heavy unit (4 figures per stand.)
    • 10 points for each unit eliminated. (plus 4 points for each unit eliminated if the unit is a heavy unit.)
    • Stands which have failed morale and left the game board are considered eliminated.
    Prizes are to be determined.