Bloody Broadsides - San Antonio
March 7, 2015 - Game run by Grant Hopwood

Bloody Broadsides is alive and well in Texas!!
We played a great game using Bloody Broadsides rules and Portsmouth Miniatures ships yesterday.  Here is a brief write-up of the event and some pictures.  We have a very active group - LSHM.  Our main event is MelliniumCon that takes place in November in Austin TX.  Thanks for a great game system and beautiful miniatures!!!!
Lone Star Historical Miniatures(LSHM) – The Battle of Trafalgar
16 of us met up at Dragon’s Lair San Antonio Saturday, 7 March, for a great game of Napoleonic Naval action. Grant Hopwood presented a very fun game using his beautiful collection of Portsmouth miniature ships. We used the Bloody Broadsides rules, by Jeff Hunt – and they definitely lived up to their name!!
The powerful British flotilla had the wind at their back and Ken Ramsey took command as Lord Horatio Nelson. The French / Spanish fleet was already in line and awaiting the British advance. Ken ordered all British ship commanders to advance and break the French line. The game immediately got into action. These are fast play and enjoyable rules. Most of us had never played before and it didn’t take long for us to master the mechanics. Grant controlled the game and kept it moving. Four hours passed by pretty fast. In the end the French + Spanish fleet lost 4 ships and the British 2, ending in a British victory.

We look forward to many more games of Bloody Broadsides. Thanks again to Grant and all the players who showed up to command a ship.

More pictures from the event.