Mini Trafalgar 2016 - San Antonio
Game run by Grant Hopwood

Sunday October 23, 2016 we held the 2nd Annual Mini-sized Battle of Trafalgar.

We had seven players join in the game at Knights Watch, and 23 ships of the line.

The rules were Bloody Broadsides by Portsmouth Miniatures.

The British were outnumbered and outgunned by the French/Spanish fleet, but were confident in their well drilled ship crews to deal accurate broadsides at their enemies of the Crown.

The game started off in typical fashion with each sides players following closely their Admirals orders. But soon after the cannons began sounding, all plans went over the sides in the row boats...

Early in the game (pictured) the French 74 gunner Scipion found herself wondering how the heck she had managed to get herself completely surrounded by the entire British fleet. It didn't take long before her Captain struck her colors. Not long after that, the French flagship, the 80 gun Tonnant, suffered one too many raking broadsides while charging headlong into battle. Her crew failed several moral checks, and surrendered a fine, little damaged, prize to Her Majesty.

The HMS Africa, who had been dispatched away from the main fleet to head off the lead French ships, did the British side proud, sailing across the full length of the enemy fleet, delivering well placed broadsides into each enemy ship she passed. The Africa would eventually fall after a single stern rake from the Spanish 112 gun Santa Ana wiped out a full half of her crew...

Towards the end of time, the British were ahead. Two struck British ships vs four struck French ships. A couple of players had to leave, but the remaining players elected to carry on. Thirty minutes later, another two British ships, including the HMS Victory, and one more French ship, had struck. The remaining ships were swiss cheese...

All the players had a great time. Four prizes were handed out. The two fleet admirals were presented with $40 gift certificates to Portsmouth Miniatures, and the remaining two players received a copy of the rules each.