Mini Trafalgar 2017 - MillenniumCon
Game run by Grant Hopwood

The 3rd Annual Mini-Battle of Trafalgar was held this year at MilleniumCon XX in Austin, Texas.  The rules were Bloody Broadsides by Portsmouth Miniatures.

We had a record number of 20 players attend the game. 10 British ships of the line lead by the HMS Victory charged the rag tag French line of 13 ships in turn lead by the Bucentaure.

By the end of turn one, the French had somehow managed to turn their battle line into even more of a disaster. The British unfortunately, were never able to take early advantage of this.

The HMS Africa did her duty and charged straight into the French vanguard. For the rest of the game she found herself constantly surrounded by French and Spanish ships with no help, and was eventually struck.

The Victory, Britannia, and Tonnant crashed the French line and took very heavy damage. The other British captains took notice of the sheer amount of damage flying around their vanguard and decided they wanted no part in it. Against Admirals orders they veered off and away from the main battle leaving the three heaviest British ships to their own. It took those captains two hours to come back around to the main battle, but by then it was too late to save the British vanguard.

The game last three and half hours and nine turns were played. By the end, the Victory was struck, the Britannia was swiss cheese, a couple of other British ships had taken heavy damage, while most of the French fleet were relatively unscathed.

On the 1st of November 1805, the French invasion of Britain commenced...